Day 1 – Nagademo Project

Well hello there!

Today is my day one on the nagademo 2012 international online game jam.

My first step was to create a developer blog to record my progress and voila! Looks like you found it!

Next up is me fleshing out my initial game design for my registered entry. This is a solo project, unless I drag a few other people in later to help. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me and considering I have to go into work this weekend to finish a deadline, hopefully I can find the time needed to create, develop and polish my game. To summarize my game design treatment:

Project: Whirly Whirly

You know those little wind gusts, mini tornados, like the one in the movie, American Beauty where the plastic bag performs a beautiful dance? Think about that as you read on…

1.) Game Brief: Ideally I am attempting to make a casual 2.5D side-scrolling platformer. I say 2.5D because even though my camera will be locked into a 2D view, there will be 3D elements (models) in it to give it depth. Whirly Whirly is inspired by games like Flowers, Katamari and Canabalt. Backgrounds (hopefully) will be procedurally generated & game objects randomly spawned to add replay value for the player. Music is important for the feeling that I want to convey but not being a musician myself, I am open to offers from others to create this.

2.) World: I hope to create a few different levels for the player. This may include an Urban Street Scene, Open Field Level, Deserted Country Town and Beach Scene. Aesthetically, the world is simple yet stunning with a graphic design style.

3.) Playing Character (PC) : A gust of wind or as a friend calls it, a “Whirly Whirly”.

4.) Gameplay & Mechanics: The PC is continually in motion, moving from left to right on the screen. They can freely move up or down on the screen to avoid obstacles which slow them down or make them lose special bonuses that they may have collected. Items can be picked up and incorporated into the PC and these affect them in various ways. There is no win or lose situation as it is more about feeling and movement.

5.) Game Items: To be confirmed but include things like plastic or paper bags, empty wrappers, leaves, flowers, tumbleweeds, sand, dust, etc… you get the idea!

6.) Game Engine: Unity 3D Engine

I’d like to say a special thank-you to the folk at Unity for giving entrants access to a Unity Pro License until July 15th 2012 so that we can create our games. You guys rock!

7.) Release Platform: Free to Play on a Web Browser and also available as a stand alone download for PC and Mac users.

© 2011 Joanne Pranee McKinlay

Creative Commons License
This work by Pranee McKinlay is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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