Global Game Jam 2015 : No longer a Jamming Nooob!

Once again I participated in The Global Game Jam.  It’s my 3rd one and once again, it was lots of fun.

This year I made a game with Paul Baker and Murray Lorden for the Global Game Jam.  The topic was “What do we do now?”  and we made  a 2-3 player co-operative game.  Players control a single ship in a retro-inspired world.  Your space team needs to co-operate to avoid asteroids and save the Space Chickens from a fiery death.  You can play it online here.

My main role was Art Director and Artist.  I used Hexels for the first time ever and loved the aesthetic result.

This year I was also in the local Melbourne Organising Committee where I worked with volunteers and committee members and organised the Volunteer Schedule for the Melbourne event.  I helped set up the event before the Jam started and not only did I get to make a game, I also had a great feeling of satisfaction from helping to make such a great event run smoothly.

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